Youth Power Summit 2013

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Running parallel with the Climate Smart & Climate Ready conference is the Youth Power Summit 2013 hosted by Ithaca College.

High School and College Students are invited to Register Now for the Youth Power Summit 2013!   On-site registration will also be available.

WHEN: Saturday, April 20th 9:30 AM – 7:30 PM and Sunday, April 21st 9:00 AM – 2:30 PM

WHERE: Ithaca College Park School of Business.

Programming Starts Promptly at 9:30 AM on Saturday and 9:00 AM on Sunday. On Site Registration/Check In: 8:00 AM on Saturday the Park School of Business on the First Floor Atrium. Register in Advance Here.

From the Youth Power Summit Mission Statement:

The Youth Power Summit 2013 is a youth-led project to create a space where young people, students, community members, faculty, and community business leaders will converge to explore the intersectionality of economic, social, and climate justice issues and develop the tools, organizing strategies, and collective frameworks to actively pursue a vision for a just, sustainable, and prosperous community.

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