Signs of Sustainability

We have a long way to go, but we're making progress. Here are some signs that we are moving towards sustainability.

August 15, 2017

Sustainable Finger Lakes Map Created

Tompkins Weekly                   8-15-17

By Gay Nicholson

The morning after November’s election I woke with an urgent awareness that we must find ways to be more effective in protecting our democracy and common future. I knew we’d be facing an era of even more denial of environmental, economic, and social realities. And I knew that organizing at the regional level might be the missing piece for us.

My friend Susan Christopherson taught me about the importance of working on economic development at the regional scale for the necessary balance in supply chains, workforce, and markets. The same holds true for political change at the level of state and federal districts. And a regional culture can be an expression of norms, values, and habits of mind as much as music, cuisine, or dialect. We can’t be content with trying to build tiny islands of sustainability practices in places like Ithaca. The necessary changes have to go across municipal boundaries and work at scale.

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July 25, 2017

Sustainability For All

Tompkins Weekly           7-24-17

By Joanne Cipolla-Dennis and Deborah Cipolla-Dennis

A sustainable community is in the eye of the beholder. An environment may be sustainable for many organisms, but not sustainable at all for others.

For example, apple trees find our upstate New York winters sustainable. However, mango trees do not. How does a community become sustainable not only for the majority of people, but also for marginalized populations? How do we ensure that all voices are heard in the planning, developing, and governing of our community?

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July 10, 2017

Habitat for Humanity Breaking Ground

Tompkins Weekly              7-10-17

By Staci Rogers

Habitat for Humanity of Tompkins & Cortland Counties will be breaking ground on its first builds in the City of Ithaca with two owner-occupied units within a single duplex.

The two-story homes will each be approximately 1,400 square feet, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms each. We are excited to be building in Ithaca City for the first time in our 30 years as an affiliate. We’ve had significant county level support from a Community Development Fund grant (a joint effort of Tompkins County and the City of Ithaca), and a Housing and Urban Development Entitlement Grant administered through Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency.

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